Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s worth mentioning that not all limousines are created equal. Reserving a limousine is akin to differentiating between a one-star and a five-star hotel. For instance, the 8-passenger limousine might vary from one company to another. The quality of service and professionalism may not always match a 5-star standard. Therefore, it’s crucial to weigh these factors before opting for the most affordable limo service.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Vehicles from Miles Charters are always scheduled to arrive at or close to their destination ahead of time, guaranteeing punctuality. Moreover, we uphold the highest standards of vehicle maintenance to ensure we provide a top-quality experience.

We adhere to a strict privacy policy, ensuring that whatever happens inside our cars remains confidential. Your privacy and trust are paramount to us, and we are committed to ensuring that “what happens in our car, stays in the car.

Although we make every effort to offer a specific make and model of the vehicle, please be aware that the automobile industry occasionally experiences service and repair issues. As a result, we cannot guarantee an exact make, model, or color of the vehicle. Nevertheless, we assure you that we will provide a vehicle from our collection that matches your booking specifications precisely. Moreover, we occasionally offer complimentary upgrades based on availability.

Kindly be aware that although stretch limousines can accommodate up to 16 passengers, they have limited luggage space. Typically, they can only accommodate a maximum of 4 luggage bags. Therefore, if you are traveling to or from the airport with a larger group and have more luggage, we suggest considering a Sprinter limo style which offers more ample space for your belongings. A separate SUV or VAN for luggage is another alternative to using a stretch limousine with a lot of luggage.


“We are passionate about pets! To ensure the best experience for pet lovers, we offer dedicated vehicles exclusively for our furry friends. If you are traveling with a pet, kindly inform us in advance, so we can assign the perfect vehicle for your journey.”

Kindly take note that unless a vehicle possesses a middle partition that separates passengers from the driver, alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the vehicle. Fortunately, the majority of stretch limousines and Sprinter vans do have a middle partition to comply with this requirement.

Our dispatch service operates 24/7, ensuring that we are always available for you. With meticulous note-taking on each trip, our team remains familiar with your journey even if you decide to call us at 2 AM.

We will honor up to $99.00 in free credit for future use or a refund. The 15 minute guarantee does not apply to uncontrollable event, such as tornadoes, floods, or tsunamis, not caused nor controlled by humans.

Puerto Vallarta Limo Rates




Great for airport transfers and hourly charters.

FROM $95.00




More space for luggage, and extra leg room space.

FROM $105.00

Sprinter Vans



Great for larger groups of up to 13 passengers.

FROM $155.00

Stretch Limousines



Great for weddings, proms, special events.

FROM $145.00

Party Buses



Wide range of party buses from 14 to 35 passengers.

FROM $165.00




Great for large groups and events.

FROM $195.00




Top of the line luxury service.

FROM $695.00