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Guadalajara Limo Rates

Vehicle Type Hourly Rate Transfers
Luxury Sedan $85.00 per hour From $95.00
Luxury SUV $95.00 per hour From $105.00
8 Passenger Limo $115.00 per hour From $325.00
10 Passenger Limo $125.00 per hour From $425.00
12 Passenger Limo $155.00 per hour From $525.00
14 Passenger Limo $175.00 per hour From $625.00
16 Passenger Limo $195.00 per hour From $725.00
14 Passenger Sprinter Coach $115.00 per hour From $325.00
14 Passenger Sprinter Limo $155.00 per hour From $425.00
7 Passenger Sprinter Jet Style $195.00 per hour From $625.00
20 Passenger Party Bus $175.00 per hour From $525.00
25 Passenger Party Bus $225.00 per hour From $725.00
30 Passenger Party Bus $275.00 per hour From $895.00
50 Passenger Coach Bus $225.00 per hour From $895.00

Discovering Guadalajara in Style: A Guide to Limo Rates


Guadalajara, known as the “Pearl of the West,” is not only a city of rich culture and history but also a place where you can travel in style. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, opting for a limo service can add an extra layer of comfort and elegance to your experience. This guide will provide insights into Guadalajara limo rates, helping you make informed decisions for your luxurious travel needs.

Why Choose a Limo in Guadalajara?

Limousines are synonymous with luxury, comfort, and convenience. In Guadalajara, limo services offer an array of benefits:

  • Comfortable Travel: Spacious interiors and plush seating ensure a relaxing journey.
  • Professionalism: Trained chauffeurs with local knowledge enhance your experience.
  • Convenience: Door-to-door service, ideal for airport transfers or city tours.
  • Safety: Well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers ensure a safe ride.

Understanding Limo Rates in Guadalajara

Limo rates in Guadalajara vary based on several factors. Here’s what influences the cost:

  • Vehicle Type: Standard limos are more affordable than luxury models or party buses.
  • Duration: Rates can be hourly or based on a fixed package.
  • Distance: Longer trips outside the city may cost more.
  • Additional Services: Amenities like drinks, snacks, or Wi-Fi may add to the cost.

Average Rate Estimates

While prices fluctuate, here’s a rough guide:

  • Standard Limo (1 hour): Approximately $50 – $70 USD
  • Luxury Models: Upwards of $100 USD per hour
  • Full-Day Rental: Varies, but discounts often apply for longer bookings

Tips for Booking a Limo in Guadalajara

  1. Book in Advance: Especially during peak seasons or events.
  2. Check Reviews: Opt for reputable services with positive customer feedback.
  3. Clarify Costs: Ensure the rate includes all fees and taxes.
  4. Discuss Your Itinerary: Make sure the service can accommodate your travel plans.

Popular Limo Services in Guadalajara

  • Luxury Limo Guadalajara: Known for a range of high-end vehicles.
  • GDL Limo Service: Offers personalized city tours.
  • Jalisco Limousines: Reliable for airport transfers and corporate needs.


Traveling in a limo in Guadalajara offers a blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience. Understanding the rates and knowing what to look for when booking ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s for business or exploring the city’s beautiful sights, a limo ride in Guadalajara is an experience to cherish.

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Guadalajara Limo Rates
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