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Miles Charters,LLC. is dedicated to protecting your privacy. 

This Privacy Statement describes how we use the data that you provide and what choices are available in order for you not want us using any more than necessary when it comes down our methods of collecting information from users like yourself who visit or interact with one element on our website, apps & services linked together under www.milescharters.com 


We know the value of your Personal Data and will never employ it without permission. When you visit our website, we collect certain information that might identify who is visiting – this includes things like IP addresses as well more technical measures such Google Analytics data for traffic reporting purposes. We also use other technologies in order help keep track including cookies which are small files stored on users’ devices when they browse through pages at any point during their trip here; these items allow us vague insight into an anonymous visitor’s browsing habits but don’t actually reveal anything specific This information we collect may include but not limited to: Name, Gender, Postal address, Telephone number, Email address, Financial information (such as credit and debit card number or other payment data), Language preference.


The types of data we may collect include: personal information like names or email addresses; browsing history with websites you visit (i.e., what pages do people go on when they navigate through our website); river traffic patterns over time–which means how often someone visits certain areas versus others within an app/website content management system(CMS) such as Yahoo! Sports’ player profiles). This also includes purchases made from third party vendors who provide us advertising services—this allows them to target users based upon their prior shopping habits using demographic variables provided during signup. We use your browser and device information to make sure you have the best experience possible on our sites. We collect certain data through your web browsers or automatically via nearby Wi-Fi networks, such as Media Access Control (MAC) addresses for computers with partner software installed; computer type(s) including Apple iOS devices versus Windows PCS ; screen resolutions ranging from smartphones all way up into high definition TVs. In addition we also receive info about what operating system name/version is being used along side any other necessary details needed by us so that we may continue providing services without interruption even if there was an issue within this area.  We collect certain data from cookies, which are pieces of information stored directly on your computer or mobile device. Cookies allow us to Remember things like browser type and time spent using our services so that you don’t have keep typing everything in every single visit – it’s easier for both parties involved! Some examples include collecting statistical info (such as how many people visited one particular web page), remembering what language preferences were set when signing up with an online service provider/social media account etc., but most importantly these little bits help power the user experience by making personalized additions based off this collected intelligence.

1. Purpose of Sharing Information: In order to provide you with the best possible service and a wide range of options, Miles Charters, LLC may share your request and necessary personal information with other reputable limousine service providers. This enables us to obtain competitive quotes on your behalf, ensuring you receive the best possible options for your limousine service needs.

2. Information Shared: The information shared with other limousine companies may include your name, contact details, service requirements, and any other pertinent information you provide to us related to your booking request.

3. Selection of Partner Companies: We partner only with trusted limousine service providers who adhere to similar standards of service and customer privacy. Your information is shared solely for the purpose of obtaining quotes and is not used for any other purpose by our partners.

4. Customer Consent: By using our services and requesting a quote, you consent to the sharing of your information with other limousine service providers for the sole purpose of receiving alternative quotes. We respect your privacy and are committed to ensuring your data is handled responsibly.

5. Opt-Out Option: If you prefer not to have your information shared with other providers, please inform us at the time of your request. Be aware that opting out may limit the range of quotes and services we can offer.

6. Security and Confidentiality: We take the security and confidentiality of your information seriously. All shared information is transmitted securely and is subject to strict confidentiality agreements with our partner companies.

7. Changes to This Policy: Miles Charters, LLC reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. We recommend that you review this section periodically for any updates or changes.

For any questions or concerns regarding our information sharing practices, please contact us at contact@milescharters.com.


 To provide you with the best experience possible, we may use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements about goods and services that might interest you when using our online services. This is done by placing or recognizing a unique cookie on your browser (including through pixel tags. We may partner with third-party advertising companies to provide advertisements on the Online Services and other websites.

 These ad providers use cookies so their ads are personalized for you, depending upon what’s best suited in terms of content or location at any given time! When you use our online services, we collect your IP address. This number is automatically assigned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and identified in our server log files when a user visits one of these sites along with time spent on each page visited. We also might be able to determine where you are located based off this information; however please note that while it may provide an estimate for areas near any given location—it cannot precisely locate someone at another street corner or inside their house. 


 We may share your data with third parties in the following situations: With service providers: We may share your data with service providers who help us with our business operations. For example, we may use a payment processing company to handle credit card transactions or we may partner with an email marketing company to send emails on our behalf. These service providers are subject to strict confidentiality agreements and are only allowed to use your data in order to provide services to us. In connection with legal proceedings: We may be required to share your data in response to a subpoena or other legal request. We may also share your data if we believe it is necessary in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or violations of our Terms of Use. With business partners: We may share your data with business partners with whom we have a joint marketing agreement. For example, if you purchase a product from one of our partner stores, we may need to share your data in order to process and fulfill your order. In connection with a merger or acquisition: If we are acquired by another company or if we merge with another company, we will share your data with that company. We will never sell your data to third parties for marketing purposes. The company will use and disclose Personal Data as they believe to be necessary or appropriate for a variety of reasons, including: 

(a) complying with applicable law;

(b), responding promptly requests from public authorities outside one’s country-of residence–this could include police forces looking into possible crime scenes happening elsewhere in Europe where this individual may have traveled too.; 

c). To meet national security objectives ;d e Managing economic effects like reorganization mergers sales joint ventures assignments transfers etc.. 


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