Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


NOTE: If you are experiencing any issues during your ride, please report them immediately to (800) 613-9868. If you do not report these issues during the ride, we won’t have the chance to fix it and make it better.

1.1 Ride Estimates on Reservation Confirmations

The charges contained in the Reservation Confirmations are intended as a good faith estimate of the costs involved based upon the information known to us at the time of the reservation. It is not intended to represent the actual cost of the trip.

1.2 Billing

All rides will be billed in US dollars. Hourly billing starts from the time the vehicle leaves the garage and ends when the vehicle returns to such garage. In all cases, parking and tolls are additional, when applicable. Further, all airport transfers are for trips within the city limit only. Any travel outside of a city is an hourly charge with the same terms and conditions as set forth above.

1.3 Cancellations 

Vehicles with up to 5 passengers must be canceled 7 days prior to your service for a full refund. Refunds might take up to 7-15 working days to be completed. For vehicles between 6-18 passengers, the cancellation must be done before 30 days prior to your service for a full refund. Vehicles with 19+ passengers in size must be canceled 30 days prior to your service for a full refund. Reservations can only be canceled via email contact@milescharters.com. If you cancel your trip after the cancelation terms, no refund will be issued. All vehicles with an original MSRP value of $100,000.00 USD + require a 30-day cancellation. If a 5-passenger vehicle exceeds the $100,000.00 USD value, the 30-day cancellation applies.

1.3.1 Cancellations 

If a client requests to cancel a reservation a 4% processing fee will not be refunded from the total amount of a sale. This fee is not held by Miles Charters, it’s held by the merchant and credit card companies.

1.4 Gratuity 

For all 6 passengers to 52-passenger vehicles and larger, the gratuity is automatically calculated in the price. The gratuity may be applied to Sedans and SUVs at the time of the booking. 

Fuel Sur – This refers to a Fuel Surcharge that will vary based on the national average.

ISC – This refers to an Insurance Surcharge based on the increased cost of insurance premiums.

Processing Fee – This refers to the varying costs of handling and monitoring the reservation.

AHC Fee – This refers to the rising costs of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

  1. Damages Resulting from Your Act:

2.1 Miles Charters will charge you the cost of cleaning the vehicle as a result of you or your authorized party Getting Sick in or damaging the vehicle. You also agree and acknowledge to pay all the related fees and charges to get the vehicle back to its normal working condition. The minimum fee of $250.00 will apply to any damages in or outside of Miles Charters
vehicles or any sub-contractor vehicles.

3.1 Disputes:

For corporate clients with established corporate accounts, all charges of the invoice will be considered correct and due upon receipt unless we receive an objection within 10 days from the invoice date. Copies of the vouchers under dispute should be faxed or mailed to us and the disputed charges or items should be indicated. All disputes initiated after the allowed time frame period will be considered final and non-refundable.

For individual accounts and personal profiles, all charges applied to the customer’s credit card will be considered correct unless we receive an objection within 10 days from the charge date in writing. Copies of the credit card statement or credit card slips or vouchers should be faxed or mailed to us and the disputed charges or items should be indicated. All disputes initiated after the allowed time frame period will be considered final and non-refundable. (contact@milescharters.com)

3.2 Hourly Rates:

Packages of Vehicles rented hourly. Certain hourly minimums and zone restrictions apply.

* Hourly services provided have a 3-hour minimum outside of the main city of the reservation. (Weekends and Holidays may have a longer minimum hourly requirement, please call or email us to confirm.) The hourly charge is calculated based on the time vehicle is scheduled to pick up in the main city of reservations 5 boroughs to when the vehicle drops off in the 5 boroughs. (If your pickup or drop off destination is outside of the main city of reservation you may incur a travel time charge).

* One-way transfer service may not be available on weekends, holidays and during special events.

* Prices vary by date and vehicle availability. (For seasonal events such as graduations and weddings, be sure to reserve early.)

3.3 Waiting Time:

* 30 minutes for domestic, and 60 minutes for International grace period is allowed following the reported flight arrival time for airport pickups only.

* A 15-minute grace period is granted for all other pick-ups. Waiting time will be charged in 30-minute increments after the grace period.

* Miles Charters checks all domestic and international flights one hour before the driver is dispatched, billing starts after the grace period allowed from the official time of arrival (ETA).

* For train station pick-ups, train schedules can’t be monitored. Therefore, billing begins at the scheduled pick-up time

3.4 Stops:

Price per stop varies based on distance and location, please call us to request pricing. Courtesy stops, such as briefly leaving the vehicle to pick up coffee, a newspaper or to mail a letter, do not incur extra charges. However, if longer stops or multiple stops are made you will be billed stop charges. Picking up additional passengers will also incur stop charges.

3.5 Tolls:

All round-trip tolls are billed to the customer depending on the route chosen. Miles Charters will charge for all round-trip tolls to and from the designated destination. Miles Charters only collects the tolls, we do not charge them.

3.6 Meet & Greet:

Meet and Greet Airport Service is offered at an additional charge. parking and waiting time charges (if incurred) will be billed to your account or credit card. The driver will be instructed to meet the passenger by the baggage claim or the exit of customs with a sign that has his or her last name on it, the driver will then escort the passenger to the designated vehicle location (Assisting with the luggage). This package comes with a complimentary 30 minutes free for domestic flights and 60 minutes free for international flights from the arrival time.

3.7 Parking:

All parking fees and other airport regulatory fees are additional (usually $8.00-$16.00 depending on time). We do not charge them; these fees go directly to the airport parking lots.

3.8 Baby Seats:

Miles Charters recommends that parents get their own baby seats however we can provide one for an additional up to $35 per seat (please mention that you will need a baby seat when you place your reservation). The clients are responsible to secure their child in the seat.

3.9 Vehicle Guarantee:

While we do our best to meet a specific make and model of a vehicle, at times vehicles are required to go down for a service. In such a case, an equivalent vehicle will be provided. In case an equivalent vehicle is not available, then an upgrade will be provided to a client at no additional cost to the client. Miles Charters will never guarantee a specific make, model, or color of a vehicle.

3.91 Vehicle Description: 


While we always aim to meet your specific vehicle preferences, we’d like you to know a few essential details about our fleet management:  


  1. Vehicle Color & Configuration:Due to operational requirements and routine maintenance schedules, we cannot always guarantee the exact color or configuration of the vehicle you initially select. Rest assured, the essence of luxury and comfort remains consistent across our fleet.  
  1. Guaranteed Class:What we do guarantee is the class of the vehicle you book. This means, if you’ve reserved a vehicle from our luxury sedan class, you can expect a vehicle that upholds that standard of sophistication and features.
  1. Complimentary Upgrades:From time to time, we may offer you an upgrade – moving you from a sedan to an SUV, or from a standard stretch limo to a grand SUV stretch limo, at no extra charge. This is our way of adding a little extra sparkle to your ride experience. However, we understand that accessibility can be a concern for some guests. 
  1. Special Requirements:If accessing higher vehicles like SUVs poses a challenge due to its height, or if you have any other specific needs, we urge you to inform us in advance. Your comfort is paramount, and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your preferences.  

Book with Confidence: When you choose our limo service, you’re not just choosing a ride; you’re opting for an experience. Whether it’s for a special occasion, corporate event, or just an indulgent night out, trust in our commitment to deliver excellence in service.  

  1. Holidays Surcharges:

4.1 Holiday and Severe Weather surcharge may be applied to trips occurring on:

* New Year’s Day

* Memorial Day

* Labor Day

* Christmas Day

* Fourth of July

* Thanksgiving Day

4.3 Point To Point Fare.

Those are prices calculated based on mileage and zones. Corporate accounts that meet the minimum usage requirements might be eligible for special discounts depending on volume. Check with an account sales representative for special pricing.

4.3 Name Your Own Budget.

If your request was approved with the Name Your Own Budget tool the following terms apply for each and every reservation:

All “Name Your Own Budget” reservations are non-refundable. The full total reservation amount is charged at the time of the booking. The reservations are not transferable. The “Name Your Own Budget”, reservations can’t be canceled after confirmation of booking. 

4.4 Breakdown.

Miles Charters is not liable in the event of a mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. 

4.5 Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles.

4.6. Additional Terms:

Drug use is prohibited by law.  It is Illegal to stand through the sunroof. Any fines obtained during service will be paid for by the customer. The driver has the right to terminate the run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s). The rate is subject to change based on any additional services that you specifically request such as hourly overage, wait time, stops, parking, meet and greet, and any miscellaneous fees that may apply. Balances are to be paid to the driver on the service date before the beginning of the service.  Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. Miles Charters is not responsible for articles left in the limo. The use of our vehicle means you accept all the terms and conditions listed.

4.7 STC:

There is a 5.00% – 17.00% STC (Surface Transportation Charge) fee added to all reservations.

4.8. Prepaid Reservations:

All prepaid reservations are fully refundable minus the 10% processing fees of the total amount of reservations. All cancellations and modifications are set forth in section 1.3. All prepaid reservations are non-refundable past the cancellation policy period times unless otherwise stated by Miles Charters,. Upon booking a prepaid reservation your credit or debit card will be billed for the full amount of reservations. 

4.9. Summary Of Terms Of Use.

The company is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles. A fee of 100.00 for each carpet or seat burn. There is no food allowed in the vehicles. A sanitation fee of 250.00 is subject to apply. There is a 7.00 charge for each broken glass.  Drug use is prohibited by law.  It is Illegal to stand through the sunroof. Any fines obtained during service will be paid for by the customer. The driver has the right to terminate the run without a refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s). The rate is subject to change based on any additional services that you specifically request such as hourly overage, wait time, stops, parking, meet and greet, and any miscellaneous fees that may apply. Balances are to be paid to the driver on the run date before the beginning of the run. There will be a 3.5% credit card processing fee added to all reservations that are paid for by credit/debit card. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. Company is not responsible for articles left in the, The use of our vehicle means you accept all the terms and conditions listed.

4.10. 15-Minute Guarantee Policy.

If we are 15 minutes late, your ride is free guaranteed. Customers must reserve online at least 48 hours in advance. Excludes weather-related delays. Covers total fare value up to $99.00, and excludes tolls, gratuity, and surcharges.

*Not applicable on “Gridlock Alert”.

4.11. Pricing Errors.

While we make every effort to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date pricing, occasionally, one or more items on our website may be incorrectly priced. Miles Charters reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price.

4.12 Credit Card Change Back/Disputes

By using our service you agree, that you will not dispute any debit or credit card transactions. You agree that you will work with Miles Charters, in order to resolve any issues during the ride. All issues must be addressed during the time frame service is provided by calling our dispatch at (800) 613-9868, or via e-mail to contact@milescharters.com, allowing us the opportunity to correct it. If a dispute/charge back is made, we will challenge the dispute and our fixed challenge fee is $500.00 which will be billed to the credit or debit card. For all disputes over $100.00, Miles Charters, will file a small claims court case, as to which you will have to appear. The client may be ordered to pay all court fees, lawyer fees, and any other costs associated with challenging a dispute by the small claims court. Most vehicles are tracked via GPS to ensure we provide an exceptional, safe, and reliable service. 

  1. Rules and Prohibitions:

By using the Services, you agree that:

(a) You will only use the Services for lawful purposes; you will not use the Services for sending or storing any unlawful material or for deceptive or fraudulent purposes; and you will not engage in conduct that harms other Users, Miles Charters, employees, or our community.

(b) You will only use the Services in accordance with all applicable laws, including copyrights, trade secrets, or other rights of any third party, including privacy or publicity rights.

(c) You will only access the Services using means explicitly authorized by Miles Charters,.

(d) You will not use another User’s account, impersonate any person or entity, or forge or manipulate headers or identifiers to disguise the origin of any content transmitted through the Services.

(e) You will not use the Services to cause nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience.

(f) You will not use the Services, or any content accessible through the Services, for any commercial purpose, including but not limited to contacting, advertising to, soliciting or selling to, any Merchant, user or Contractor, unless Miles Charters, has given you prior permission to do so in writing.

(g) You will not copy or distribute the Software or any content displayed through the Services, including Affiliates’ fleet content and reviews, for republication in any format or media.

(h) You will not compile, directly or indirectly, any content displayed through the Services except for your personal, noncommercial use.

(i) The information you provide to us when you register an account or otherwise communicate with us is accurate, you will promptly notify us of any changes to such information, and you will provide us with whatever proof of identity we may reasonably request.

(j) You will keep secure and confidential your account password or any identification credentials we provide you which allows access to the Services.

(k) You will use the Software and Services only for your own use and will not directly or indirectly resell, license or transfer the Software, Services or content displayed by the Services to a third party.

(l) You will not use the Services in any way that could damage, disable, overburden or impair any Miles Charters, server, or the networks connected to any Miles Charters server.

(m) You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Services and/or to any account, resource, computer system, and/or network connected to any Miles Charters, server.

(n) You will not probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of any system or network or breach or circumvent any security or authentication measures Miles Charters, may use to prevent or restrict access to the Services or use of the Services or the content therein.

(o) You will not deep-link to the Miles Charters website or access the Miles Charters, website manually or with any robot, spider, web crawler, extraction software, automated process and/or device to scrape, copy, index, frame, or monitor any portion of the Miles Charters website or any content on the Miles Charters, website.

(p) You will not conduct any systematic retrieval of data or other content from the Services.

(q) You will not try to harm other Users, Miles Charters, or the Services in any way whatsoever.

(r) You will report any errors, bugs, unauthorized access methodologies or any breach of our intellectual property rights that you uncover in your use of the Services.

(s) You will not abuse our promotional or credit code system, including by redeeming multiple coupons at once or by opening multiple accounts to benefit from offers available only to first time users.

(t) You will not attempt to undertake any of the foregoing.

  1. Contractors and Affiliates 

You understand and agree that Miles Charters provides a technology platform connecting you with independent affiliates, providers, and others that provide the products offered through the Services (“Affiliates”), and independent third-party contractors who provide transportation services (“Contractors”). You acknowledge and agree that Miles Charters does not itself provide the vehicles or offer transportation services and has no responsibility or liability for the acts or omissions of any Affiliate or any Contractor. Miles Charters is not the retailer of any products offered by Affiliates, nor is it in the business or a common carrier. Miles Charters provides a technology platform facilitating the transmission of services by Users to Affiliates for, services by Contractors. Miles Charters will not assess or guarantee the suitability, legality, or ability of any Contractor or Affiliate. You agree that Miles Charters is not responsible for the Affiliates’ vehicle condition or the safety of the service provided and does not verify Affiliates’ compliance with applicable laws or regulations. Miles Charters has no responsibility or liability for acts or omissions by any Affiliate or Contractor. 

You agree that the transportation you purchase will be provided by the Affiliate we have selected, that title to the goods passes from the Affiliate to you at the service provided and requested location, and that the Contractor will be directed by your instructions to transport you to your designated location. You agree that neither the Contractor nor Miles Charters holds title to or acquires any ownership interest in any goods that you purchase through the Services.

  1. Communications with Miles Charters

By creating a Miles Charters account, you electronically agree to accept and receive communications from Miles Charters, Contractors, or third parties providing services to Miles Charters including via email, text message, calls, and push notifications to the cellular telephone number you provided to Miles Charters, You understand and agree that you may receive communications generated by an automatic telephone dialing systems and/or which will deliver prerecorded messages sent by or on behalf of Miles Charters, its affiliated companies and/or Contractor, including but not limited to communications concerning orders placed through your account on the Services. Message and data rates may apply. If you do not wish to receive promotional emails, text messages, or other communications, you may change your notification preferences by accessing the Settings in your account. You may also opt out of receiving text messages from Miles Charters, by replying “STOP” from the mobile device receiving the messages.

  1. Payment Terms

(a) Prices. You understand that: (a) the prices for vehicles displayed through the Services may differ from the prices offered or published by Affiliates for the same vehicle and/or from prices available at third-party websites and that such prices may not be the lowest prices at which the vehicles are sold; (b) Miles Charters has no obligation to itemize its costs, profits or margins when publishing such prices; and (c) Miles Charters, reserves the right to change such prices at any time, at its discretion. You are liable for all transaction taxes if applicable on the Services provided under this Agreement (other than taxes based on Miles Charters, income). 

Payment will be processed by Miles Charters, using the preferred payment method designated in your account.

(b) No Refunds. Charges paid by you for completed and delivered service are final and non-refundable. Miles Charters has no obligation to provide refunds or credits, but may grant them, in each case in Miles Charters, sole discretion.

(c) Promotional Offers and Credits. Miles Charters, at its sole discretion, may make promotional offers with different features and different rates to any User. These promotional offers are subject to the terms of this Agreement and may be valid only for certain Users as indicated in the offer. You agree that promotional offers: (i) may only be used by the intended audience, for the intended purpose, and in a lawful manner; (ii) may not be duplicated, sold or transferred in any manner, or made available to the general public, unless expressly permitted by Miles Charters; (iii) are subject to the specific terms that Miles Charters establishes for such promotional offer; (iv) cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent; and (v) are not valid for use after the date indicated in the offer or in Miles Charters Terms and Conditions for Promotional Offers and Credits. Miles Charters reserves the right to withhold or deduct credits or benefits obtained through a promotion in the event that Miles Charters determines or believes that the redemption of the promotion or receipt of the credit or benefit was in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of the applicable promotion terms or this Agreement. Miles Charters reserves the right to modify or cancel an offer at any time. Miles Charters Terms and Conditions for Promotional Offers and Credits (the current version which is incorporated in this Agreement by reference) apply to all promotional offers. Miles Charters may also offer gratuitous credits, which can be used for the Services. Any credit issued by Miles Charters is valid for 6 months from the date of issue except to the extent prohibited under applicable law and may not be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent. Upon expiration, credits will be removed from your account. Expired credits are no longer redeemable and cannot be used towards any order.

(d) Fees for Services. Miles Charters may change the fees for our Services as we deem necessary or appropriate for our business, including but not limited to Delivery Fees, Service Fees, Small Order Fees, and Surge Fees.

(e) Referral Program. Under the Referral Program, Miles Charters, offers its registered Users in good standing the opportunity to earn gratuitous Miles Charters, credits as promotional rewards by inviting their eligible friends to register as new Miles Charters Users and place their initial, service through the Service by using a unique referral ID link (“Personal Link”). For each Qualified Referral (as defined in the Referral Program) generated through a User’s Personal Link, the User may receive a gratuitous credit as specified on Miles Charters Referral Program page. You agree that we may change the terms and conditions of the Referral Program or terminate the Referral Program at any time.





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